Professional Membership and CV:

1992 –             Ecclesiastical History Society, UK

1992 –             Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain

1992 –             Societas Liturgica, International

1994 –             Society of Liturgical Study, UK

2001 –             Higher Education Academy, UK

2003 –             Alcuin Club, England

2004-              Associazione dei Professori Italiani di Liturgia, Italy

2004-              European Society for Catholic Theology, Leuven, Belgium

2007               Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK (9 March)

2007               Co-founder and co-director with Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB of
the project, Appreciating the Liturgy and publications,
                         Documenta Rerum Ecclesiasticarum Instaurata

2009              Abbots Cuthbert Brogan (St Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough), Abbot Martin Shipperlee (St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing),
Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB and Fr James Leachman OSB
foundation board members of the proposed Institutum
Liturgicum in Anglia et Gallia 
(12 September)

2010              Co-founder and co-director with Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB of the research
                        unit of the proposed Institutum Liturgicum in Anglia et Gallia  (24  September)

2011              Co-founder and co-director with Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB of the teaching
                       unit of the Institutum Liturgicum in Anglia et Gallia (12 July

2014              “Point Person” for Abbot Martin Shipperlee for Centre for Integral Humanism

2015-2016    One-Year Programme in Conflict Resolution and Worldwork: Facilitation for Leaders

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