Simple menus

november vegetable casserole

november vegetable casserole

Simple menus

This is a quick recipe. I like to add broccoli at the very end of the cooking time to make sure it stays crisp and flavoursome. You can make this dish in about 20 minutes, easy recipes are the answer.

I shall post simple menus that I like:

Warm winter wholegrain salad

November vegetable casserole

Butternut and Red Onion Diptych

simple menus

10 easy dinner menus

You are not alone if you love simple recipes, especially if they are delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare.

These recipes are a terrific option for dinner if you are looking for economy, and something easy to cook. Most of the dishes listed are also great if you are looking for guest friendly dinner recipes.

Below, the recipes are listed according to how you cook them.  So, if you know you want to cook something in the slow cooker then you can find all of those recipes listed together.

Soups and Stews are standby recipes in our kitchen. I especially love good, easy soup recipes! In addition to being easy to make, most of these recipes can be made ahead of time, and many also freeze well. Whenever I make soup, I make at least a double batch so one batch can be frozen for an easy meal on another night. Here are some of our favorites:

10 November 2014