Benedictine Culture

an Occasional Review of Practical Theology produced by  the Benedictine Institute at Ealing Abbey
ISSN 1751-4673 

The aim of the periodical is to “remain faithful to the tradition, serve the wiser British/Irish Benedictine world, promote conversation and communication within the Catholic Church and beyond and disseminate a better understanding of Benedictine Culture.”

Editors: Dom James Leachman, Dom Peter Burns
Organisers: The Abbot of Ealing, Dom James Leachman, Dom Dominic Taylor, Dom Peter Burns, Rachel Obordo, Kamala Singh, Lalita Diniz-Day.


1. Editorial: The Power and the Force of Overcoming Obstacles

2. Tradition and History:

3. Liturgy, Catechesis, Evangelisation:

4. Obsculta:

5. News from the monasteries: Ealing Abbey


Extract from issue 1:

Fr Martin Shipperlee, Abbot of Ealing

concluded in his foreword:

“…having lost our cultural moorings and any encompassing vision of our place and purpose. …This is why we have decided to start Benedictine  Culture [Review], because we need to understand our frame of reference, not just from where we come, but to where we are going.  This for us has to be a Christian understanding,  and more specifically, an understanding drawn from the monastic tradition.  This is what I hope this publication will help to promote.”

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