Process Work

Process Work Diploma, Process Work Training 

Process work and World work are important to me and my community. We are making efforts to overcome a history of abusive behaviour. Thanks be to God that my my abbot and his council support me with both finance and time to proceed along this pathway.

I have been a phase 1 student on the International Diploma of Process work at RSPOPUK (Research Society for Processwork in the UK) since 2016. I enjoy both the reading and study and the application to daily life throughout the day.

My weekly, fortnightly and monthly highlights since 2016 include a weekly therapy session and my peer  group meeting on Skype with Grzegorz. I am part of weekly online meetings of Deep Democracy Forum, fortnightly ftf meetings of Community of Practice Ealing, monthly ftf meetings of Community of Practice Belsize

Processwork: What is it?

Process work training contains the following elements.
– The training requires capacity and will to be self-directed and engaged with one’s development and learning. It also requires engagement with the dynamic local and international learning communities.
– The process work training involves training seminars, intensives, mini-intensives, peer-learning, supervision, personal sessions, multi-cultural awareness, placements, research, a dissertation and exams.
– Learning and teaching are interactive with with diverse community process experiences. These involves instructors and learners at all levels of the educational system.
– It is face to face in small and large groups, with hands-on training as well as theoretical education.
– It involves connecting to other psychological approaches, programs, universities, businesses, social action networks, spiritual organizations and governments.
– The programme embodies pro-diversity and understands financial diversity.
– It is training unto itself. Students can also take it as an extension of other psychotherapeutic training, such as Jungian, Gestalt, body work trainings, social action, social work and political programs, organizational development and medical trainings.
–  Ongoing personal therapy and supervision are vital aspects of learning and application.

I found this Worldwork animated video series very helpful for learning some theory.


updated JL 14 March 2020