Grape jelly with lemon

Fruit jelly with lemon is easily made at home

Grape jelly - step 1

Grape jelly – step 1

Grapes are usually ripe in England at the beginning of November.
But one can make jelly with lemon with unripe fruit at the end
of September, using lemon or other citrus to add flavour

For each 2 litres of fruit squeeze 2 lemons. Keep the rinds.
Wash and boil the fruit with lemon juice for 40 minutes




Grape jelly

Grape jelly with lemon – step 2

Reduce the volume by 30 per cent. Strain out the skin and seeds through a
CLEAN cotton sock.

Chop the lemon rinds and add to the liquid.
For each 2 litres of liquid add 1 Kg sugar.
Continue steady boiling until the jelly sets.




Grape jelly

Grape jelly

Put in bottles or jars and leave with lids off till set.
When cool screw on caps to seal. The drier surface prevents the growth of moulds



9 September 2014