London Tog Chöd training – Wisdom Sword

Tog Chöd Training – Wisdom Sword

London Tog Chöd Training is happening. There is growing interest in the Tibetan Martial art called “Tog Chöd” or The Wisdom Sword.

London Tog Chöd training

There is Tog Chöd training in London. Contact Dr Deniah Pachai

deniahp AT hotmail DOT com

London Tog Chöd training

Tog Chöd Class in Chiswick

Tog Chöd is a dynamic and powerful moving, mindfulness meditation that keeps your focus on the present moment. It is a dance like no other. It uses a wooden sword as a tool to to help us to become more decisive, and to actively banish our negative emotions that keep us stuck in the past or worried about the future. It helps us to overcome our laziness and ego. In Tog Chöd we use our anger to empower our motivation, and release that which is hidden beneath – compassion.

Swords will be provided. Wear clothes and shoes that you can move easily in so that you can focus on learning the sequence.

The class will start with the Five Elements Movements as a warm up, and I will take you as far into the sequence as you feel comfortable.

I look forward to sharing this amazing practice with you.

Here is Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche teaching about what he also refers to as, “monk dance”. Youtube clip: ©Nangten Menlang International 


Tog Chöd Training

Tog Chöd Training

London Tog Chöd training

Tog Chöd is a powerful, dynamic practice. It is a form of meditation well adapted to westernised civilisations, where sitting meditation is far from our normal experience.

This dance with a sword brings us straight into the present moment. We need to be brave to be in the present moment. Its flowing movements are decisive and empowering as we stomp on our enemies, which are our own negative emotions. There are no enemies outside ourselves, and when we realize this we can stop struggling with the external world and learn to touch our own reality. But, even then, our biggest obstacle is laziness. Through Tog Chöd we may come to know our inner power and in this way we may overcome our laziness.

London Tog Chöd training

Youtube clip: ©Nangten Menlang International 

The traditional Yaman monk dances and Kalachakra movements are the basis of Tog Chöd. Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche created this martial art in direct response to the needs of those of us who live in the western and modern world. We need a practice to release us from our conceptual mind, a practice that connects us with our power. Tog Chöd uses our anger to empower our motivation, but the deep motivation is always compassion.

The sword symbolizes our own innate wisdom. Wielding this sword we cut through our conceptual mind. We cut our thoughts of fear and our expectations that keep us from being in this beautiful – this present moment. When we are aware of the source of age old wisdom we can transform our emotions and change ourselves and our attitudes.

22 February 2018