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Fr Reginald Foster OCD

Latin language study equips us to encounter the many millions of people who have used this beautiful language for two and a half millennia to communicate thoughts from the level of the supreme to the banal. One of Fr Reginaldus Foster, O.C.D.’s quips is, “even the dogs understood it!”

Latin Language community

I have the privilege of studying Latin with Fr Reginaldus Foster, O.C.D. in Rome. With Fr Daniel McCarthy, O.S.B., I have been able to stay in touch with him and his work, I continue in my endeavour to teach in London in fidelity to Fr Reginaldus’ method and that of his schola latinitatis in Milwaukee, WI.

Fr Daniel and I have already introduced three younger Latin professionals to Fr Reginald’s system of teaching and learning the language

In “Study Latin for interest” pages we wish to help students encounter Latin authors from different periods over 2500 years. Students can see the different rhetorical and grammatical styles, the creation of new vocabulary. For example for Christian theological expression and scientific discussion and the communication of sublime ideas which have contributed to Western civilisation.

Latin Language community

The Latin language invites us to encounter real people and real situations.

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