BSAC Mission

mission  statement:                     Our Vocation is Education

We are a group of monks and volunteer staff, all associated with Ealing Abbey, fulfilling the aims of the charity, the Trust of St Benedict’s Abbey, and in particular the following:

To support and promote the spiritual, social and charitable work of the Catholic
community in Ealing and West London

To provide an opportunity to the public for continuing Christian education and

The volunteers at BSAC work together to provide adult education in the heart of Ealing, West London.

The Centre seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for people to:

  • come into contact with the Christian faith
  • deepen their awareness of the Christian faith
  • enhance their living of the Christian faith
  • engage in serious study of the Christian faith

The Centre provides access to :

  • Religious Education and Formation for adult members of the Church in the Western part of the Archdiocese of Westminster
  • for members of other faith-communities and none;
  • especially those who have had no previous experience of Higher Education,
  • and those who wish to return to education part-time or full-time

OBJECTIVES    We offer:

  • access to religious education and higher education
  • hospitality,
  • information,
  • support and encouragement,
  • organising and advertising courses and events,
  • ensuring access and progress in education
  • service to parishes

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CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS: We are working to improve our delivery of teaching in the period 2009-2014. To this end we are planning towards  undergraduate theology tuition awards and graduate level short courses liturgy in collaboration with other accrediting institutions.

© James Leachman, O.S.B., written 24 August 2012