Monastic – Shi’a Dialogue

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Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali of the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale kindly hosted Dom James Leachman on 17 February 2017. We hope to host a Monastic – Shi’a event in Ealing in 2019. Looking forward to welcoming Fr Maximilian Musindai OSB and many others.

Our purpose will be to bring together people of from Shia and Benedictine backgrounds. We want to look at the varying levels of our human, cultural, religious, spiritual & mystical experience the cultures of the London we love. Together we have lots of contacts with Shia and Benedictine believers and activists.

London Spring: Monastic – Shi’a Dialogue

London Spring supports this new event that we hope will take place at 74 Castlebar Road. The name London Spring calls to mind the spring of water that bubbles beneath the property. It also evokes memories of the Prague Spring in 1986, the Arab Spring in 2011 and the world wide hope for a deeper democracy. We have a dream for such an event to take place in this underused and partially restored property.

London Spring

lounge room at no 74

lounge room at no 74

James Leachman wants to create a “dense spot”, perhaps for just a short time at 74 Castlebar Road, W5. Here people from many different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities can meet in a Worldwork sort of way.
We intend to invite about 25 people from different backgrounds to an initial event. We can sort themes for future discussion and facilitation. We will offer a vegetarian lunch.

The consensus is that a Saturday between 1400h and 1700h would be the best day and time. We have already asked a number of people if they present at the event, hopefully on Saturday 13 May 2017.

74 Castlebar Road, W5

Overton House on Castlebar Road is an elegant red-brick, neo-Gothic house. This typically Victorian suburban house contains 19th century stained glass, floor tiles, and carved wood features. A short walk through the monastery gardens behind Ealing Abbey monastery and Church leads to this charming spot.

labyrinth in the garden at no74

labyrinth in the garden at no 74

This charming building houses a number of activites that translate Catholic and Benedictine values into language and expressions more accessible to post Christian generations. One of the interpretive tools we have used for some time is toolkit of ‘human strengths’ of the Eriksonian system of psychology; trust, hope, overcoming obstacles, competence, fidelity and love.

Ealing Abbey  JL 18 February 2017