94170 Latin Language of the Collects


94170 Latin Language and Structure of Selected Collects of Sundays and Feastdays

1   Saturday 25 April:            10.15 – 11.50
2   Saturday xx May:             10.15 – 11.50
3   Saturday xx May:             10.15 – 11.50
4   Saturday xx May:             10.15 – 11.50
5   Saturday xx June:            10.15 – 11.50
6   Saturday xx June:            10.15 – 11.50

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The meal we enjoyed during the course in 2012

We study the Latin texts of selected collects with the method of
Fr Reginald Foster OCD, 40 years Papal Latinist.

We approach the text in a logical way, beginning
by reading the text together, identifying all the verbal forms,
and marking the principal and dependent clauses.

Once we have a clear understanding of the Latin text we use
the method of interpretation developed by Prof Renato de Zan
and taught at the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy.

At the end of each class each student renders the preface
accurately into their mother tongue

One resource available are the commentaries and new English renderings of the collects of selected Sundays and feast days written by Daniel McCarthy in collaboration with Reginald Foster and James Leachman published in the volume Listen to the Word, The Tablet, London 2009.

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