Dao Yin

Dao Yin & meditation is a practice of gentle breath centred stretching which opens the body to support presence of awareness and connection. It is an excellent preparation for the Daoist meditation practice of Tranquil Sitting.

When practised regularly over time Dao Yin dissolves restless qi (or chi) energy and enhances the sense of tranquillity and vitality from which clarity arises. The cultivation of softness and receptivity are key qualities which serve to purify and invigorate our qi and so restore vitality and well-being. Easy and undemanding the movements are done in a soft and slow rhythm to ensure the breathing becomes relaxed and natural.

This cultivation comes to fruition in meditation – expressed in a posture that is stable, aligned and relaxed thereby allowing the qi to follow its natural pattern.

Please bring a yoga mat, whatever you normally use to sit on in meditation and a blanket or shawl. All are welcome to these beginners’ sessions.​

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