Saturday 12 July: Fr Tom Kane CSP appointed Fr Dominic Robinson SJ as UK Landings Director dtrsj AT hotmail DOT com

and Helen Carvalho-Gilbert as UK Landings Co-ordinator.

Landings International is a ministry of compassionate listening for Catholics wishing to return to regular practice of worship and church life.

Landings UK is a collaborative network of lay and ordained Catholics in the UK, ministerially organised to serve this end. At present I serve at Director of Landings UK.

2014: Saturday 5 July: Fr Tom Kane CSP, International Landings Director presented a significant relaunch of Landings UK at a Reconciliation conference at Heythrop College, Kensington Square, London.

2014: Saturday 20 May: Beaconsfield Landings retreat day at Ealing Abbey (please contact Sue Murray sue.murray AT DOT uk) and another group near by (please contact Maggie Millrain millrainjohnson AT DOT uk)

2013: Saturday 7 December: Beaconsfield Landings retreat day at Ealing Abbey.

2013: Saturday 9 November: Landings training, Our Lady of Lourdes, Dunfermline Scotland

2013: Saturday 28 September: morning: a Landings UK team consisting of Fr James Leachman OSB, Maggie Millrain and Ian Johnson offered a Landings training in Beaconsfield. The 13 local participants group decided to offer two Landings experiences, one in Beaconsfield beginning Thursday 10 October at 7.15 pm

2013: Friday June 21: Fr Thomas A. Kane, CSP arranged two meetings with LandingsUK (England) leaders and others interested. We discussed the future of Landings UK and proposed a Reconciliation Conference in 2014.

2013: Saturday March 2: I was invited to attend an impromtu meeting this morning with LandingsUK (England) leaders, St Benedict’s parish coordinator and Landings International Director, Fr Thomas A. Kane, CSP. Thank you, Concetta and Guillaume Wager for the delicious impromptu lunch of lasagne and salad.

1 November 2012: Stephen Jones in Wales writes: “Landings has been a wonderful journey of faith and fellowship.  I am really grateful to have been part of this and feel I have returned to where I belong”  –  a quote from our first sucessful Landing programme where 3 people returned in 2011 to St Brigid & St Paul and Christ the King parishes in Cardiff, Wales.

22 September 2012: Fr James Leachman OSB, Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB, Margaret Johnston (Scotland) and Delia Walsh (London) met for a short planning meeting. Pauline Gilbertson was not able to attend because of work commitment

17 September 2012: We heard from Tony See that a new Landings group begins today in Singapore

29-30 July 2012: a Landings UK team consisting of Fr James Leachman OSB, Fr Daniel McCarthy OSB, Maggie Millrain and Ian Johnson offered a Landings training for thirty volunteers of the deanery of Rugby at Mater Ecclesiae Convent, Street Ashton, Warwickshire. We made friends with Fr Matthew Pittam, Chaplain of Mater Ecclesiae Convent, Priest of The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham; Assistant Priest, St Joseph Monks Kirby and English Martyrs Rugby andinvited him to remain in contact with Landings.

Rev Fr John Peter "Jac" Campbell CSP

Fr Jac Campbell CSP (1938 – 2005).


Landings was founded and established by Rev Fr John Peter “Jac” Campbell CSP of beloved and inspiring memory





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